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    I want to help small law firms and established solo lawyers who struggle with time and stress to design and implement a plan that allows you the time to practice law and help clients without sacrificing your sanity or your health, scale your business and time to do the things you love

    Frequently Asked Questions about Outsourcing

    Do you do the work or recommend freelancers?

    No, I don’t do the work. I recommend the right outsourcing platform and freelancers to you as part of your outsourcing strategy.  You can do one-off projects, but ultimately, you gain more value (and reduce decision fatigue) when you plan to regularly outsource certain types of projects.

    Can't I do this on my own?

    Of course you can search for freelancers yourself or create your own outsourcing strategy.  You have the smarts.  But is doing that a wise use of your time?  Will you hesitate to get started for fear that you made a mistake?  I’ve found the fastest path to success is to ask someone who has already been there.

    Why is your rate so high? It's more than my hourly.

    Expensive is a matter of perspective. Suppose that tomorrow your child is diagnosed with a serious condition.  Do you want to your child to be treated by your general practitioner or by the expert?  You want the person with superior knowledge and you are willing to pay for that, right?  I have superior knowledge on outsourcing.

    Looking at it another way…if you regularly spend 2-4 hours a week creating graphics on Canva and posting your marketing or doing the bookkeeping or doing the follow up calls on past due invoices, you are already spending the money you could invest in my fee.

    Which investment will lead you to a more profitable law practice and less overwork? That’s the question you have to ask yourself.  I can’t tell you what’s more important to you.

    Do you know what you are doing? There are so many fraud coaches out there.

    Yes, I do. I can help you.  I know what it feels like to work with a coach who doesn’t have your best interests at heart or who can’t provide what you need. I’m not that person.

    In fact, past clients rave about how working with me brought them clarity, confidence and support.  I’m gentle but in a very firm way.

    Also, I’ve been outsourcing online for almost a decade on all the major platforms. I’m constantly testing new platforms.  That means I have serious contacts and experiences to share that will save you time, money and aggravation.

    What should I outsource first?

    Great question! Start with a necessary but low risk project. Something that needs to get done but that you don’t like doing.  Having a great first outsourcing experience is like eating potato chips.  Once you’ve had one, you are looking for more!

    How do I get started working with you?

    Gosh, I thought you’d never ask 🙂


    Click here and apply for a free consultation with me. We’ll get to know each other and I’ll figure out if you are a good fit for my practice.

    If we click, I’ll invite you in and we’ll discuss the next steps together.  If we don’t, no harm or foul.  I’ll send you off with good wishes and resources.