Step-by-step training for developing a remarkable onboarding program


Your Team makes you Unstoppable!

The world is your oyster.

When you train your team, you have attorneys and staff who understand you and how you like to practice law.

When you trust your team, you get peace of mind, the relief of knowing things will be done right and clients will be treated well.

When you grow your connection with your team, you get a loyal crew who buys into your mission and goals.

The investment you make in onboarding will return to you tenfold in more billable hours, more productivity and way less work & stress.

 What’s your onboarding pain point? 


Training and strategy on delegation, orientation plans, onboarding programs, team performance & feedback, team and partner conflict

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Happy. Eager. Engaged! | Online Onboarding Training Intensive

Online training for lawyers who want to develop an orientation plan and an onboarding program that accurately conveys your culture and integrates your new hires into your law firm.

This is the foundation work that makes it possible to have a cohesive and engaged team. Without a program, you make yourself vulnerable to mistakes and misunderstandings.

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Onboarding Plans | 1:1 Private Coaching

If you prefer, I am happy to work through the onboarding training with you privately. You get 1:1 attention and privacy to develop your Law Firm Legend, Orientation Plan and Onboarding Program. Apply for a FREE Strategy Session if you'd like to discuss this option.

Make Progress Call | 1:1 Private Coaching

You're ready to delegate but you haven't quite figured out the next steps.  Together, we'll map out what projects to delegate; priority order; whom to delegate the work to (hint: Carefreeu) and your next 3 action steps

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Dina Eisenberg, Lawyer, Delegation & Onboarding Expert, Remote Ombudsman

Dina Eisenberg is a lawyer turned award-winning entrepreneur. She is a Delegation and Onboarding Expert on a mission to change the way law is practiced.

As CEO of, Dina helps lawyers to create outsourcing and onboarding strategies that improve productivity, reduce stress and create sustainable, joyful, profitable law practice; and, is also the creator of Carefreeu Box, the first delegation subscription box for lawyers and small business owners who want to grow without burning out.

Dina believes that you deserve to be happy, well-paid and abundant for helping others to resolve their legal issues and live a better life. Lawyering doesn't have to be hard if you're intentional.


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