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FOCUS480 | Virtual Coworking Time for Lawyers



    Fridays 2018
    1-3:30 PM Pacific Time
    4-7:30 PM Eastern Time

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    Ever have a client who didn't pay?

    You're not alone, my friend. 73% of law firms deal with past due clients. Those clients can make up almost 40% of your client base.  What can you do?

    It's tough, right?  In most cases, you can't withdraw without court permission.  So you choices are to put up with slow payment, no payment or to sue your client (never a good look)

    What if there was a way for you to confidently deal with payment problems in a compassionate way?

    You don't have to worry how you are going to pay your bills or suffer through cash flow crunches anymore when you know how to manage payment right from the start.

    At the virtual coworking session, I'll walk you through the FIVE options you have to end non-payment problems.

    You'll know what to say and do to get paid on time.  You'll discover how to take away the stress of the money conversation.

    Best of all, you can be generous without getting taken advantage of.  Your bottom line (and your family) will thank you.

    How does virtual coworking work?

    Coworking is a fun and easy way to get things done. You meet with our group on Fridays for two hours to focus on goals that will transform and grow your law firm.

    We all gather together on a video call for the lesson then work independently for a period of time. Checkins allow you to ask questions, be inspired and debrief insights from the experience. You get a worksheet to work through solutions and keep as a reference.


    DURING THIS Difficult Client Series discover:

    • 1

      How to Set Boundaries with Clients 9/14

    • 2

      How to Deal with Unrealistic Expectations 9/21

    • 3

      How to Handle Clients who Don't Pay 9/28

    • 4

      How to Create your own Client Yardstick 10/5

    Can't attend each session? No Problem!


    You're busy so I designed this with you in mind. Each session runs twice.

    Attend the next live session or listen to the replay-whatever works for your schedule!

    Get the time & guidance to write out your policies and rules without distractions, worrying or procrastination! Don't put this off if you want to grow your law firm without stress and hassle.

    Get that extra little push and accountability you need to design a law practice you love!

    Attendee Rave

    Thank you for the Focus480 meetup today, Dina Eisenberg! I accomplished something that has been on my to do list for over a year! Better yet, I learned about the tools I need to keep the momentum going. Guys, seriously, y'all need Focus480 in your life!- April Goodwin, The Goodwin Firm

    Your Host

    Lawyer turned award-winning business leader, Ms. Eisenberg is the CEO of and a well-respected expert in conflict management.

    Her thought leadership has been featured in Inc and Entrepreneur magazines as well as leading publications of the California Lawyers Association and the ABA Solo and Young Lawyer Divisions

    Dina Eisenberg, Esq Outsourcing Queen

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    HEADS UP:  We only have 30 seats available because I want to keep our group small and relatable.  Space will fill up fast so register now to avoid missing out.

    The value is undeniable.  $99! for 4 Coworking/Coaching Sessions