Want up level your law practice?  Let me help you.

Lawyers are trained to avoid mistakes.  So you might be fear doing the wrong thing but long to make a change in your law practice. You have a choice, though.

You can stumble around for a long time on your own without ever getting clear on the right path. You can stay stuck and regret the life you have.  Or you can call in a pro.

Creative problem-solving is my jam so it’s fun for me. I figured out how to make my work and life align and I can help you do the same thing.

I’m proud to say that I’ve run a successful consulting practice since the mid-90s.  I know how to structure a law business to succeed in our current and evolving legal landscape.

We’ll look at your goal or issue, then

  1. Identify your true goal or concern
  2. Explore the best next steps
  3. Outline an action plan

And, I can help you get past any mindset blocks that are stopping your vision from becoming reality because I’m a conflict ninja.

During your Clarity & Coaching Call, you receive:

-access to your own truthful and caring coach
-targeted coaching insights

-strategies to maintain your focus & execute
-a safe, confidential space to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns

Your investment in yourself: $275