Want up level your law practice?  Let me help you.

Lawyers are trained to avoid mistakes.  So you might be fear doing the wrong thing but long to make a change in your law practice. You have a choice, though.

You can stumble around for a long time on your own without ever getting clear on the right path. You can stay stuck and regret the life you have.  Or you can call in a pro.

Creative problem-solving is my jam so it’s fun for me. I figured out how to make my work and life align and I can help you do the same thing.

I’m proud to say that I’ve run a successful consulting practice since the mid-90s.  I know how to structure a law business to succeed in our current and evolving legal landscape.

We’ll look at the 5 steps to creating the law practice you want:

  1. Design your law practice lifestyle
  2. Build a Niche practice
  3. Identify your Ideal Clients and Essential Systems
  4. Plan to promote your practice
  5. Thrive and Be Intentional

And, I can help you get past any mindset blocks that are stopping your vision from becoming reality because I’m a conflict ninja.

During your Law Practice Design Consult, you receive:

-evaluation of  the current state of your law practice, or law practice business plan
-identification of your interests, core values and goals
-insight into poor assumptions or limiting beliefs-identification of which essential teammates you need-identification of the projects you can outsource now
-insights into  your strengths and opportunities to grow
-your ‘blueprint’ to take inspired action that leads to your next step

You don’t have to be frustrated or wait forever to get what you want!

Your investment in yourself: $600 (Book now and save $150! Price increase on 12/28)