Are you interested in doing video but don’t want the hassle of preparation? You have to devote time to getting your hair, makeup and clothing just right in your video. Then, turn your attention to the lighting and the audio quality so your video reflects well on you and your law practice.

Many lawyers find the tech side of making videos to market a law practice intimidating. There are a myriad of opinions about what is the best camera or mic to use. With all the bother and stress, it can be an easy decision to put video marketing on your ‘someday’ list. But don’t.

Video Marketing is HOT for Lawyers

Video helps you grow your revenues 49% faster and spread the message since video generates over 1000% more shares. Social proof is a very good thing for business when 71% of households with over $150k in annual income check online before hiring a lawyer. Bottom-line, you are missing clients if you are not using video.

Law is an intimate profession. People need to know, like and especially trust you before hiring you. Video gives your prospective clients a chance to experience you, up close and personal, without spending a dime.

Video gives you a chance to demonstrate your mastery and showcase your personality so your not ‘just another lawyer’, but someone your new client can relate to, which increases your opportunities to be hired.

Recently I posted a video about the frustrating things lawyers do when delegating that got 52 views in the first 2 hours on Linkedin and now has hundreds of views. One hour of my time allowed me to reach hundreds of people with very little effort. Better still, you can delegate the production.

What Kind of Video to Make

People have the attention span of a gnat these days. Everyone wants their information in a rush. (Have you seen the title of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s new book. Keep your video short.

In fact, 56% of all videos published last year were under 2 minutes. Good news, right? The best kind of videos for lawyers are : Explainer, How To and Testimonial.

Explainer videos are a thoughtful way to share what your law firm is about. Create a video that explains your choice of law practice. I know a fabulous family lawyer who specializes in international adoptions because she was adopted.

Telling your story on video helps potential clients connect with you and your values. It’s that trust and connection that takes you out of the commodity zone and makes you their trusted advisor. Haben Girma , is a civil rights attorney who calls herself ‘Deafblind’ uses her story to connect with the disability community.

How to videos are essential to help clients work efficiently through the process of their case and, honestly, reduce the client calls you get.

Attorney Jamie Davina of Manning Law does an excellent job of using video to help divorce clients understand how to prepare for a divorce in plain language.

Testimonials are the best social proof. Lawyers shy away from them because of ethical concerns, I know, but do the research. You have more leeway than you think. While you can’t tell clients what to say in their testimonial, you can make writing one easier by offering a template or examples.

A video testimonial is the ultimate in great social proof. The viewer can see first-hand the kind of people who are your clients and hear what that person thinks of you-very powerful. A company like makes getting testimonials much easier by contacting your clients for you and administering the entire process. The lawyers in my former BNI group raved about it.

No worries if none of these ideas resonate with you. You have plenty of content to make great, fun, informative videos. Look to your blog or newsletter. Better yet, reach out to clients for ideas.

How to Script your Lawyer Marketing Video

Your two minute video will be much clearer and truly leave a lasting message if you script it. No big Hollywood screenplay. You can create a simple yet very effective script using a basic storytelling formula.

-Problem and why it’s so bad
-End state and why it’s so great
=The goals the solution helps to achieve
=How to get the solution
=Message or Call to Action

Isn’t it interesting that as lawyers we sometimes forget we are also writers. Reading Paul Smith’s book, Selling with Stories, guided me back to to the techniques I learned to drive learning through stories, something I did a lot of when I was a trainer with Vantage Partners. We are hard-wired to retain more through stories and they simply are more fun than writing marketing copy.

I bet you’d discover many different, useful stories in your law practice to use with clients to give a general reassurance like, “Years ago I had a client with a situation similar to yours”

Get the book. It’s a fast, enjoyable listen on Audible and you can download the worksheets and bonus from their website.

Delegate This

Of course, you can delegate the whole thing. Here’s how that would work.

1. Select the content (blog, newsletter, trends) to transform into video
2. Hire a copywriter or VA specializing on online business to write the scripts
3. Have VA use Biteable to create the videos
4 Use Wrike, a collaboration site to share and give feedback
5. Have VA distribute according to your media plan

Want my advice and insights how to delegate like a pro? Check out my upcoming course and get special pricing.

My second Biteable video

I did this in about 45 minutes and it was fun! I’d love to see your videos. Let me know in the comments if you’re gonna try this. I hope so!!

3 Reasons to Delegate on Biteable.


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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