Ready to Do What You Do Best, Delegate your Marketing & Admin and Build a law practice that almost runs itself?

Everything you need to know to outsource to virtual assistants online without wasting time or money. 

Outsource Easier is a legal training institute that contains easy mini-courses on how to delegate marketing and administrative projects, develop workable systems that grow your firm and create a new revenue stream.


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Law school did not teach you to market or run a law practice

You are running a successful law firm but it did not come easy for you.  

In the beginning, your to-do list was long and growing every day. You lost sleep trying to do everything. Setting up systems. Trying to find clients. Pulling your hair out with stress.  Just not a good look.


Eventually, you figured everything out on your own. It was hard.  There  was plenty of late nights and bad food, but you also knew you had what it takes- grit, determination, vision and smarts- to make your firm successful.

It worked.

You are growing but you also know you can't keep up this pace.  You don't have the time to research and learn everything anymore.  Heck, you don't have the time to keep what you already have in place updated.  Some days you wonder if getting a job would be easier....

Recapture your time and make moves

You are a creative & resourceful problem-solver so you know there is an answer out there.  You simply don't have the time or knowledge to find it. So you keep doing what you've always done and wish for a change. 

That is the definition of insanity. You have to do things differently if you want a well-functioning, client-attracting law practice.


You can practice law and run a sustainable law practice

Become a member of the Institute 


  • What you need to know about your firm to make outsourcing easy
  • Discover which marketing or admin projects to outsource now
  • Learn how to prepare so you get exactly what you want and expect
  • Lead without being a doormat or dictator

Your time, energy and creativity are your most important assets as a lawyer.

Use outsourcing and automation to take advantage of new opportunities so you can grow without sacrificing your well-being or family.

Why the Institute is not like other coaching or marketing programs...

I'm a lawyer just like you.  I want to do my best work and protect my reputation too. I've worked with 'experts' online who disappointed me with lame coaching. 

I know the pain, anger and frustration of investing in an expensive 5 figure program only to realize it didn't help because the coach didn't get me or the results are based on having their personality or skills.

Outsource Easier is different

Outsource Easier is a Lawyer Training Institute. You learn the things law school didn't teach you about marketing and running a law practice.  Specifically, the focus is on the projects that grow your business and make life easier.

You won't be wondering what marketing to do. You have a blueprint on how to strengthen your first impression with clients, serve them efficiently and organize your practice so it runs smoothly.

You get access to automation tools and the freelancers you need.  I share great tools I use and like with you. No trial and error on your part.

Outsourcing Plans tell you all the details and data on how to delegate your project.  You save time because I give you the freelancers that I've discovered over my decade outsourcing.

Your marketing knowledge and success expands. You are doing great but it can be lonely without someone to bounce ideas around with. You are part of a community of entrepreneurial lawyers and benefit from their experiments & experiences.

You get exactly what you wanted.  You get to decide the vision for your law practice. You get an opportunity to design your law practice so that it fits you, your life and runs smoothly with or without you being present.

Why Virtual Help is Essential for you, Solo Lawyer

The law has changed more in the last five years than in the last 5 decades. This is a very exciting time to be a lawyer if you can keep up.  

The numbers don't lie. Thomsons & Reuters report that...

75% of solo and small firm lawyer say marketing is a huge challenge

70% of lawyers say they spend way too much time on administrative projects

60% of lawyers know that their law practice could be doing better if they were more efficient

 70% or so of those lawyers have DONE NOTHING TO CHANGE.  That seems crazy to me, how about you?

Time really is money when you are the sole income earner in your law business.  Delegation and automation allow you to leverage your time to create my space & opportunity.

Did you know that saving

5 minutes a day equals 20 hours a year

30 minutes a day equals 130 hours a year


What would it mean to your bottom line to transform those lost hours into billable hours? What would it mean to your life?  You don't have to imagine. Join the Center

Often I have seen that the attributes that make for a good lawyer lead to a reluctance to delegate within their practice, even non-legal tasks. A good business person understands the value of their time and delegates appropriately. Your team will appreciate being trusted with important work and overall you can accomplish more.

Mary Juetten, Attorney/Author, Small Law Firm KPIs How to Measure your Way to Greater Profits

3 Simple Steps To Delegation Success

Getting virtual help is an easy 3 step process

Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

Course 1

Your Website-- first impressions are everything. How's yours?

83% of legal consumers prefer to use the Internet to search for lawyers. The first thing clients do is Google you.

  • Why your website is a critical cornerstone of your law practice foundation
  • How to design an updated fresh website affordably
  • How to update your site to Google standards now
  • How to get web copy that resonates and converts your ideal best client
  • How to get SEO and site maintenance help you can trust

Course 2

Your Online Presence--Will clients find you?

71% of legal consumers believe that they need a local lawyer. Will they find you through local search?

  • Discover the social outlets that your ideal best clients frequent most
  • How to boost engagement and select formats your audience likes best
  • How to delegate set up on local business directories including Google my Business
  • How to optimize your profiles for search
  • How to use local search and directories to increase prospects

Course 3

Your Systems--Can your practice run without you for 3 weeks? 3 days? 3 hours?

Improving your financial systems even as little as 1% will have an impact on your bottom line.

  • How Automation can make life easier for you
  • How to use automation and bots for your intake process
  • How to work with a virtual assistant for invoicing and follow up
  • How to determine why you win some clients and lose others
  • How to ensure that you get regular feedback and useful testimonials from clients

Course 4

Your Client Attraction--Only select your Ideal Best Clients!

Clients are the lifeblood of your law practice. How do you avoid bad clients? Don't select them

  • How to identify your target market for your law practice
  • How to niche down and become the recognized expert people clamor to work with
  • How to create your Client Yardstick to see how well clients fit into your law practice
  • How to use virtual assistants to do market research
  • How to collect client data to improve your messaging and website

You will do well as an Outsource Easier Member if...

  • You hate doing the billing and put it off until money is tight. A billing VA can take over the invoicing and collections for you.
  • You're not consistent with your social media so you're not seeing the benefits. A social media manager can take it over and make you look like a rockstar
  • You aren't a tech guy or graphic designer.  Hire one instead. The hours you spend on Canva are wasted.  
  • Not sure who is your ideal best client? We cover how to identify you IBC and use delegation to do the work
  • You want to to free up your time to focus on important work that only you can do- serving clients, networking and practicing law! 

Thank you Dina Eisenberg for providing such a great product and providing me the steps, list of talent, and most importantly confidence to take this leap.

Melissa O'Connor PA
Melissa O'Connor PA O'Connor Elder Law

You're my magic wand... I say people need to focus on their best work and hand out the rest, then these people say "How in the world do I do that?" I just say, "I don't know. Call Dina."

Mike Whelan Jr.
Mike Whelan Jr.

Best Value


Less than a cup of Starbucks a day!!

Billed monthly

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Billed Monthly

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

One question Guarantee, I know that you won't find another innovative resource like Outsource Easier but I want you to be happy.  If within 30 days of joining, you decide it's not for you, I'll refund your dues with 1 question: how can I do better?

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outsource Easier, exactly? +

Outsource Easier is a legal training center for solo and small firm lawyers to learn how to run their practice more efficiently using delegation, automation and virtual assistants. It includes training courses, worksheets, infographics as well as a directory of freelancers selected for their professionalism, honesty and talent.

Outsource Easier eliminates the need to waste hours searching on line or begging friends for referrals you can't validate.  Outsource Easier eliminates the guesswork so you can get back to doing what you do best- lawyering.

What do I have to do to get started? +

Getting started is easy! Simply decide if you want a guided experience or DIY then click the button below. Your welcome email will follow along telling you how to get started inside the Center.

What type of lawyers does this work best for? +

The Center is geared towards solo and small firm lawyers in general, but all lawyers will find something useful inside this Legal Training Center.  Many of our members are Business, Estate Planning, IP, Trademark and Family lawyers.  You'll find interesting, entrepreneurial lawyers to connect with inside the Center.

What is the Elite program? +

The Elite program assists you to stay on track. Life happens and you will get distracted away from taking the actions that will solidify your foundation and grow your firm. With Elite, you have me accompanying you  on the path to success.

Will you be doing the work yourself? +

Popular question. No, I am your Strategist who helps with overall outsourcing strategy.  You'll be working with my hand-picked freelancers who meet my high standards for professionalism.

What are the prerequisites to become a Member? +

The #1 prerequisite is your desire and determination to change the way you practice law. You have to see the value in a strong foundation and work through the mini-courses to achieve it.

There won't be anyone looking over your shoulder prompting you to delegate more (unless you buy the Guided Experience).

Why is this so pricey? +

If you think $200 for ongoing support or $68 for access to training and preferred vendors is expensive, this is not the right program for you. 

Smart business people recognize that they can make more money but not more time. They spend money to save time. You've gotten a great deal if you make this investment and get 1 billable hour back each week.  Of course, you'll save more than that.

Saving 30 minutes of time each day equals 130 hours over the course of a year!!

Will this work for me? +

Yes, this will work for you. I've used automation and outsourcing to create a portable, sustainable business that allows me to have a flexible work schedule and still earn what I'm worth.

Imagine how you'd feel knowing for sure that your law firm can run smoothly without you?

Still Sitting On The Fence?

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