Any Star Trek fan will recognize that reference to the Borg, a collective of cybernetic organism that function as a hive, that wanted to rule the galaxy. The Borg forced their captives to link minds with the Collective. There was simply no way to refuse.

Why do I mention this in a business blog? One, I’m a huge Trekkie who loved the message of the show- explore, learn, respect. That’s my motto for business too.

Two, it’s a funny way to get us talking about resistance in general, and more specifically, the resistance you have an entrepreneur or small business owner to delegation.

Resistance to delegation is futile.

Delegation is a critical skill that business greats like Sir Richard Branson support fully. You can’t do everything in your business. OK , let me reframe that. You can’t do everything in your business WELL. Your work product and your well-being suffer when you take on too many roles you are not prepared to accomplish well.

DIY actually costs you more money than getting help.

DIY is more expensive than getting the help from a skilled professional. Let’s take Canva for an example. How much would you be willing to pay for a good-looking social media image quote? Say, $10, maybe $20 for an image that gets you a new subscriber.

OK let’s do the math if you do the image yourself. The key to this calculation is knowing your internal hourly rate. You calculate your internal rate by dividing your annual revenue goal by the number of hours you want to work minus your vacation time.

How to calculate your internal hourly rate

$100k revenue goal. 5 day work week, 6 hours a day. 50 weeks, 2 week vacation. That’s 1500 work hours for the year.

100000 divided by 1500 hours is about $66 an hour. That’s your internal rate.

Here’s your real cost

Back to Canva. If you spend two hours finding the image, the quote and playing with the right fonts on Canva, your final product costs you $132 for a single image quote.

And you lost the opportunity to do something else that generates cash with those two hours. So, the image actually cost you even more. Do you see how expensive that is? You invested $132+ when you could have invested $86 ($20 for the image, 1 hour to search & hire) and still enjoyed an hour to generate new leads or projects.

Yes, but…

I hear you saying yes, but it’s just easier to do it myself. OK, sometimes it takes a while when the resistance is strong. Yes, you’ll invest time to find the right team member to do your graphics and to train that person. However, those costs aren’t recurring. Once your person is set up you are free to use those two hours anyway you want. Now, I suggest that you make money to cover the cost of your outsourcing but that’s entirely up to you.

Yes, it won’t be perfect right from the start. You will need a few experiences to understand the process of hiring online and leading a team member. It doesn’t happen overnight, and frankly, you don’t want to find the right person immediately. Counterintuitive, I know. But those early, frustrating mistakes help you identify and cement better behavior into your process.

One of my clients is getting her logo online. She decided to take a multi-prong approach and hire several designers at a time. Boy was she frustrated with the first round of work. Each round though, her instructions and the quality of work got better. She’s on her third round and it’s looking pretty good. She’s found and refined a process that works for her for this project and for future projects, too.

Suffering is optional

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

I am not a fan of the ‘Crush it’ mentality that states sacrifice and deprivation are the path to success. It may be for some, but it ain’t my path, and hopefully not yours. Phooey!

Hard work is inevitable if you want your business to succeed. You being the one to suffer with overwhelm is completely optional in my book. You are smart enough to figure out a way to get things done without breaking the bank or killing yourself. If not, well, luckily, you have me to tell you! It doesn’t take hard work. It takes consistent efforting towards the goal to succeed.

Does this way of spending your time and money make sense to you? Can you see why you might want to consider delegating more? Let me hear you in the comments.


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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