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Are you a Solo, Small Firm, Mid-size Firm Lawyer, Legal Administrator or Legal Incubator Director?

There is trustworthy, high-quality help available to assist you with your law practice. You just have to know where to look.  HERE, in Dina's Rolodex, I share the talent I've worked with and recommended!

Right now is the moment to reclaim your time and get more done without burning out

Stop Doing Everything in your Law Practice!

No more 1 am late nights

No more working after the family is asleep

No more missing out on big events and the special moments

No more fatigue and overwhelm

No more frustration because you don't have time for the things you want!

Let's stop the madness right here, right now

Which sounds better?
Grind Hard, Stress & Repeat

Let's face it.  Lawyering is stressful, difficult and lonely.  You're juggling a full caseload of clients, managing your office and attracting new clients.

You are running faster every day and falling further behind. And, the things that used to help you manage just aren't working anymore.

Feeling anxious with low-grade depression has become your norm.  Just like the overwhelm and stress that law school conditioned you to think was normal. You can't relax.

And you wonder: Do I even want to be a lawyer anymore? Wouldn't it be easier to just do something else?



Or, a law practice built on systems that bring you joy, peace & profits?

It's time to stop doing everything and start planning to protect your greatest assets: your creativity, energy and mind!

You can have a law practice that fits your life so that you can grow without sacrificing yourself

You can find trustworthy freelance talent that is skilled & professional.  Virtual assistants are waiting and eager to help you right now.

And you'll wonder: How did I ever get along before I started delegating?

It's time to build a law business that supports you!


Meet your Thinking Partner,
Dina Eisenberg Esq

Hey there!  I'm Dina Eisenberg - former prosecutor, serial entrepreneur, mediator, Ombuds, author and speaker.  I'm a proud NYer (who happens to live in Oakland), proud mom and...

The founder of Dina's Rolodex, the only On-Demand Delegation Resource & Training Library (say THAT five times fast, I dare you)

I've run my own consulting and training firm for the past 20 years as a solo consultant who did it all. I learned to delegate when I became a SVP for a multinational financial institution but I didn't become the Queen of Outsourcing until a personal tragedy struck and I learned how vulnerable solos really are.

Outsourcing helped me grow my business over the years. During my decade of outsourcing, I've used all the popular marketplaces-Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Time Etc & more- and developed my own system for finding the right virtual assistant to give me exactly what I expect at the price I want.

I coach lawyers privately to delegate effectively but wanted to have more impact and reach more people. That's why I created Dina's Rolodex to share all the strategies, insights, automation tools and systems I use to outsource and delegate in my business.

I give you access to the talented, professional freelancers that I've had the pleasure of working with through the years and tell you exactly how to make it all work for you.


Dina has been featured in 

Inc     Entrepreneur

Dina's Rolodex is your Secret Weapon!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Let's face facts. What you are doing now is not working for you. Your law practice is working but it's not fulfilling your dreams or giving you all the feels. It's so hard and so much work that you've forgotten why you went to law school in the first place.

Every day is about stomping out fires instead of growing the law practice you dreamed of on the first day you opened your door.

Legal Marketing these days is so challenging when every week there's a new tactic to try or another algorithm change that screws everything up...again. You're in a bind.

You can't keep up but you can't quit marketing either. 83% of legal buyers google you to check out your website and social presence before they ever pick up the phone.

The older and more outdated your marketing materials get, the more clients will doubt that you are the right lawyer for them.

I believe that you can get by with a little help from friends, meaning friendly virtual assistants who are trained to be your extra set of hands, eyes and brains.

The Rolodex helps you find the virtual help you need as well as strengthen your marketing foundation (your website, social presence, systems and client selection)


No Previous Experience Is Required, The
Rolodex Helps You Get Great Results

Delegation seems like a time-suck when you aren't really sure what to do (or not do) to find the right freelancer and get a project done on time without costing an arm and a leg.

You'll get my personal strategies, tips and advice on how to select the right projects to delegate, how to prepare so you get exactly what you want and how to trust & let go without making a mess.

I started outsourcing online back in 2008. I've over the years I developed a system for finding amazing talent- good quality, creative and thorough- on Fiverr and Upwork. I discovered exclusive lawyer-only outsourcing platforms where you can find law clerks and contract lawyers.  I share that with you inside the Rolodex.

Learn from my mistakes and triumphs!


Get your marketing done for you while you focus on your clients

worksheets for Dina's RolodexAdd a virtual assistant to your team  to free up your time to focus on important work that only you can do- serving clients, networking and practicing law!  Be honest...

Your email is a rat's nest and you'd love to have a VA clean it up for you

You hate doing the billing and put it off until money is tight. A billing VA can take over the invoicing and collections for you.

You're not consistent with your social media so you're not seeing the benefits. A social media manager can take it over and make you look like a rockstar.

You aren't a tech guy or graphic designer.  Hire one instead. The hours you spend on Canva are wasted.  

You aren't a persuasive copywriter (sorry, legal writing is very different).  Hire someone who can attract your ideal best client with words that resonate for them.

Not sure who is your ideal best client? We cover how to identify you IBC and use delegation to do the work inside the Rolodex. Why? Because understanding your IBC is the start to making your marketing way more effective and so much less expensive.

The Rolodex can solve all these problems for you!

Spend that saved time on building relationships and creating thought leadership that leads to more clients and more influence.


What is Dina's Rolodex...

What is Dina's Rolodex?  It's the only On-Demand Delegation Resource & Training Library where you get:

  • a Hand-picked selection of virtual professionals to choose from in my Awesome Talent Library
  • Done-For-You Outsourcing Plans to delegate popular marketing projects in the Plan Center
  • Videos, checklists, templates and mini-training inside the Excellent Training Center


No more tiresome searching around or begging friends for recommendations to find trustworthy, talented freelancers and paralegals to assist to run your law practice.  No more doing everything yourself.

Inside Dina's Rolodex, you'll find contact information for my best freelancers and knowledge that frees you from the daily grind.


Finally, get that great idea DONE...

Come on. How about finishing that great idea you've been over thinking for years? Now you can delegate the work and enjoy the creation.

Get your book formatted for Kindle! Make that online course!  Produce that video!

Here Are 3 Powerful Features...

Our success is determined by the people we surround ourselves with.  As a Rolodex member, you'll have plenty of opportunities to interact with me and other entrepreneurial lawyers who have a vision for their lives.

100% Money Back Guarantee

One question Guarantee, I know that you won't find another resource like Dina's Rolodex but I want you to be happy.  If within 14 days of joining, you decide it's not for you, I'll refund your money with 1 question: how can I do better?

YES! I'm Ready To Get Started Today

Stop the madness. Join today!

  • Done-for-You Outsourcing Plans

  • Virtual help in minutes

  • Talented & Trustworthy Freelancers at affordable pricing

Here's What You Get When You Join Today:

  • A private Facebook community to help you grow your law practice
  • Access to vetted freelancers without spending hours searching
  • Know-how on how to navigate Upwork and Fiverr easily
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to delegate popular projects like social media management
  • Office hours with a recognized expert so you are never stuck
  • Recommendations for automation tools, apps and software to make it easier to run your firm
  • Insights on how to manage a gig, give feedback and get great results
  • Confidence and clarity
  • More time to spend as you please- growing your business or being with family
  • ELITE Members get all of the above PLUS 2 Group Accountability Calls

Plus These Amazing Bonuses

  • Outsourcing Made Easy- 5 star online course free to all Members
  • Elite Rolodex Member - Enjoy more accountability!

All orders 100% SAFE using our SECURE server

Have A Question...?

You're a lawyer. Of course, you have questions. I answer the most frequently asked questions below.  Shoot me an email at Dina AT OutsourceEasier.com if your question isn't below.

  • Q.What is Dina's Rolodex

    A.It’s a the productivity tool you’ve been waiting for, Lawyer!  No more chasing around for recommendations.

    Dina’s Rolodex is membership library for lawyers that contains done-for-you outsourcing plans, video training on outsourcing and leading, and a hand-picked selection of independent virtual assistant companies, outsourcing marketplaces and lawyer-exclusive outsourcing sites.

  • Q.What do I get?

    A.As an Elite Member, you get access to the 3 Library Chambers: the Awesome Talent Library, Excellent Training Center and Outsourcing Plan Center.  You also get access to the monthly Office Hours, the private Facebook group and two Accountability calls each month.

    As a Rolodex Member, you get access to the 3 Library Chambers: the Awesome Talent Library, Excellent Training Center and Outsourcing Plan Center.  You also get access to the monthly Office Hours, the private Facebook group.

  • Q.How does it work?

    A.As a Member, you sign into our site. Then, click into the Rolodex.  Inside the Outsourcing Plan Center, you’ll find our Starter Project designed to help you baby step into delegating.

    Pick a project from the Outsourcing Center and you’ll find all the steps to delegate along with the names of up to 3 qualified freelancers who I call Talent.

    You hire the Talent directly and work with them to finish your project.

  • Q.Who are the freelancers?

    A.You meet a lot of amazing people in a decade of outsourcing.  The professionals in my Talent Library meet my high standard for professionalism, trust and being a good working partners.  They come from the popular platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.  I also feature independent virtual assistant companies.

    No one can buy their way into my Talent Library.  To get in, I have to have worked with you, discovered your or you or you were recommended by one of my trusted advisors.

  • Q.Why not just get referrals on Facebook?

    A.You can do that, for sure.  Problem is, there are no key performance indicators on Facebook.  Anyone can claim to be anything. The worst outsourcing problem I had in 10 years was someone who can recommended on Facebook. There is no recourse if the person doesn’t do what they are paid to do.

    Sometimes you get referrals. Other times, you get crickets.  Facebook is unpredictable.

    Worst case scenario, your bestie recommends their favorite person. You try them and they do a terrible job.  Do you want to deal with that?

    You don’t have a good idea of pricing on Facebook.  I prefer using the outsourcing marketplaces because they do the work and I have price predictability.

  • Q.Why should I pay to join when I can get recommendations for free?

    A.You can and you’re welcome to continue. This Rolodex is for lawyers who want to have a consistent source of hand-pick freelancers and education on how to manage a project without making a mess.

    The Rolodex is for lawyers who want to evaluate their foundation and get step-by-step instruction on how to update their website and be relevant on social media.

    Investing a small amount monthly to get back even one billable hour seems like a bargain.