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Are you new to the world of outsourcing, delegation, remote teams and freelancingDinaheadshot2016 online? Are you interested in outsourcing the right way so it actually pays for itself?  Perfect! You are in the right place.

Here you’ll find the information you need to understand how to use the awesome power of outsourcing to leverage your time, be more creative and actually boost your income. I’m Dina Eisenberg, founder of OutsourceEasier.com and Dina’s Rolodex

You’re a high achiever who knows that with a little help you could be killing it in your business.  What you might not realize is that you have inadvertently become the bottleneck that keeps your business stuck.  To boost your confidence and readiness,  I talk about mindset, money and positivity along with the delegation tips and tutorials.

My vision for you is that, with this knowledge, you reach your highest potential and share your gift or message with the world. That’s my idea of world domination!

You and I are a lot alike.  I know what it’s like to be so crazy busy wearing all the hats that your hustle starts to feel like a grind. It’s maddening to have great ideas that you don’t have time or the skill to do. I’ve hired the wrong people and the right people for the wrong reasons. There’s no mistake that you can share that I haven’t done already.  Yet, I’ve thrived.  Check out my about page

You benefit from all my talents and experience as an outsourcing strategist, communication and conflict expert, speaker and former attorney to answer the question: how do I bring on a great team and work well with them so my business grows?  I moved ahead and want to help you do that, too, the easy way.

What next?  Well, you’re here for a reason, right.  Let’s get down to it.

I always feel better when I have a bit of background under my belt. You can read up on how to know you’re ready to outsource.  One of the most popular questions I hear from entrepreneurs and self-employed alike is, what can I outsource.

I adore action-takers.  I want to help you do the right things that generate money and ease and avoid doing the wrong things that are like comfort food- tasty yummy but they don’t fill you bank account.

For instance, if you want more personal guidance, work with me

I’m really grateful and blessed that you stopped by.  Before you go explore the site, let me give you a gift that will really open your eyes. DIY is very expensive, although it feels like you’re saving money by not spending money.

Maybe you think delegation is a luxury.   Read this report, The Bottom Line of Delegating for Solopreneurs to see the figures in black and white.